Departmental Store Management Software

Departmental Store Management Software(DSMS) is a computerised system that is currently being utilised by the restaurant and retail industry. It has helped the business owners by keeping a record of the sales, cash flow and inventory. It is being used in different sectors like restaurants, hospitality, beauty salons and in general the retail sector. Through the use of DSMS, these sectors have been able to to maintain details in a highly digitized format helping them to analyze and improve their business activities:

Advantages of Using DSMS:

Inventory - With the help of DSMS, inventory can be categorized into a number of fields. It becomes easy to look and sort the supply. We can quickly look through the categorized fields to track quantity on hand and restore the required items.

Purchasing - A DSMS helps us to sell our items effectively. The purchase orders can be tracked by the order date and receiving date and we can take immediate action on the pending orders.

Customer relationship management - A DSMS maintains detailed profile of every customer who has visited the store and purchased goods. This details includes demographics, preferences and purchase history We can use this record to create our target audience for different products We can thereafter promote each customers preferred products to them.

Analytics - A DSMS will allow us to review daily/monthly sales report. We will be able to identify sales trend by item, category, department and vendor. We can also review the performance of the employees. These reports can be exported to Excel, CSV or email application.

  • 1. Log in information of admin/sales person. It can also add and delete the details.

  • 2. Customer can buy and pay bill for the product.

  • 3.Sales person can sell products by registering in the system.

  • 4.Sales summary including customer details, sale details and payment details

  • 5.Seller can print sales report

  • 6.Seller can provide delivery receipts to customers

  • 7.Products can be added. We can also search a product from stock.

  • 8. Create barcode of product.