Property Management Software

Your property is unique when it comes to operations and management and it requires an efficient & optimized software module that are backed up by a highly efficient technology partner. Here’s where Yashraj POS Software comes in. Yashraj’s solutions helps you streamline and automate your operations so that you can mainly focus on delivering exceptional and delightful guest service.

Why do you need a POS Software ?
Here are three main benefits or advantages of using a POS Software –

  • - Establish Long Term Connections with your guests and thereby enhance Guest Satisfaction.
  • - Boost the operational efficiency of property Staff and workflow.
  • - Improve and get better revenue opportunities with automated engagement
  • The hotel POS system helps maintain a detailed guest profile thus ensuring that repeated guest visits are recorded in the data inventory. It also comes with a feedback system to provide personalized service to the guest. Secured guest information and check in / check out. Separate discount packages can be created as per requirement. Bill preparation automatically considers corporate discounts, guest discounts and member discounts.

    It makes simple and straight forward while creating bills simply by selecting the table or room number within the same software. Various other features that are supported are bill cancellation, split bills and split quantity. Bills or settlements will automatically be posted to the room within the property and passed on to the Front Office and accounting systems. The final settlement methods include pay master, foreign currency, credit coupons and plans.

    It supports KOT creation, modification and cancellation. Automated KOT printing, manual KOT printing, manual KOT control and specialized kitchen instructions for printing out KOT are also supported by the software. It supports multiple kitchens. Various analysis on KOT Bill like NC KOT, NC Bill are provided. It allows open item creation while creating KOT.