Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software is the collective term for software that is used to aid in restaurant operations. This is mainly a restaurant POS software, but can include other types of software like restaurant billing software, bar inventory management software and so on. Such restaurant and bar management software usually assists with ordering, billing, inventory management, and queue management, and can be broadly divided into FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of house) software. Benefits of using hotel and restaurant management system software to manage aspects of restaurant operations include efficiency and a reduction in customer wait times, as well as preventing employee scams.

Examples of restaurant software are 'order at table' and 'pay at table' apps, which effectively allow the customer to order and pay independently. The only input from serving staff is in actually bringing food and drink to the table.

Features: - 
  • Point of Sale & Billing
  • Online Orders in PO
  • Kitchen Orders
  • Waiter/Captain App
  • Inventory & Recipe
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Digital Receipts
  • Customer Feedback

  •  Point of-sales (F & B) Billing System  
  • Manage unlimited point -of-sales (POS) for billing and define POS based menu items, rates & discounts.
  • Extends menu items with add on, modifier, combo, deals, happy hours, item discount etc.
  • Make operations more easier with table layout, touch screens & mobile ordering.
  • Simplify more with integrated order entry, reservations, electronic ordering & table status and improve guest services.
  • Input order and items remarks at ordering and print them in preparation area.
  • Communicate seamlessly between the restaurant and kitchen-enable remote order printing or display on kitchen terminal for preparation & pickup of ordered item.
  • Handle order split, modification, cancellation along with billing for chargeable and non-chargeable orders.
  • While billing manage discount, modification, cancellation, split, reprint, settlement etc. along with remark on bill modification, discounts, cancellation and undo bill settlement.
  • Takes care of bill settlement in cash, credit card, guest credit etc provide comprehensive cashier daybook.
  • Fully secured with authorization based operations, log & history.
  • Day/shift end & begin options to close & open operations. 
  • Comprehensive reporting on sales, cashier, taxes, menu item sales, time-zones, settlement etc and provides daily audit report.

  • CRM System
  • Import guest data from other source in DBF, CSV, EXCEL, ACCESS etc.
  • All information on guest including geographic, contact, personal, likes & dislikes etc.
  • Define your own parameters for comment cards, maintain cards data for analysis.
  • Define your own guest loyalty and reward guests for loyalty.
  • For SMS & Email define your own template.
  • Exports guest's data in DBF, ACCESS, CSV, and EXCEL. 
  • Get reports on guests spending, new guests, guest DOB/DOM, non-visiting guests.

  • Material Management, Recipe & Food Costing System
  • Manages all kinds of items including food with UOM & stock levels.
  • Vendor management for all items supplied by vendor.
  • Maintain supplier's rate on items, take internal indents and generates purchase orders accordingly.
  • Define recipe (ingredients) of all sale-able menu-items from POS
  • Provision for Intermediate items recipe being used in multiple menu-items.
  • Based on recipe of menu-items generates cost sheet.
  • Define & generate cost sheet on your new proposed menu items during trial.
  • Reporting on estimated versus actual consumption of raw materials.
  • Maintain delivery status on orders with reports on supplier performance.
  • Handle complete flow starting from indent, authorization, receipt & issue.
  • Record transaction like MRN, receipt, issue, transfers, production, consumption, wastage, physical stock etc.
  • Multi & sub-store accounting with weighted average, last purchase price, LIFO & FIFO method of valuation.
  • Generate all standard reports i.e. checklist, stock ledgers, status, registers, variance etc.